Zalia Graves / Conner Jay / Miss Carlie – Satanic JOI

I am the Bride of Satan, the bride of evil. Stroke your cock and let us sin in blasphemy. Religious blasphemy is the greatest way to worship Satan. Fuck god. Fuck his holy spirit. The spirit of Satan is what I possess. Satan’s power has given me success and money. He has given me the looks and charm to tempt men and lead them down the path of hell. Much like the road you’re on. But, you’re special. Your blasphemous ways please him. His promise to you is to make your masturbation to blasphemy that much more pleasurable. You will have the greatest satanic orgasms of your life and your addiction will have no end. You only have to take his spirit and you will give him the power to manifest. Repeat after me: "In the name of Satan. I command the darkness to bestow their infernal power upon us. We who have taken thy name, who knowledge the beast within, who revel in the delights of the flesh, call upon you! Open the mysteries of your creation, and make us partakers of the undefiled knowledge." May the infernal Lord make me the Queen of Hell. May the infernal Lord guide you on your road to hell and blasphemy through orgasmic pleasure. Eternal fire, greet me, eat me. Infernal flames, here I come, to be forever damned. In the name of Satan. In the name of hate. Cum! Good. In you, now Satan shall walk. And remember, as Queen, there’s always a place for you to serve me in hell. Hail Satan!