Worship Amber – Bullied For Life

I keep this gross Amber obsessed loser in the corner with my dirty socks in its mouth from the night before. He literally whimpers whenever I enter the room because it FEARS me! I get right in his face and start verbally abusing him LOUDLY with an angry, mean face, telling him how I have never cared about him before, I’ve always took advantage of him, he’s a pathetic loser, ugly piece of crud, weak ass-stain, powerless piece of human garbage, no backbone, pathetic footslave, fucking stupid, filthy doormat, ugly disgusting FILTH!!!! He can’t cope with how I treat him, he is dirt beneath my feet. Eventually I lift my bare sole and hold it over his face. Tell him "look up at my foot, slave", look at what you are worth: the bottom of my feet, the lowest of the low, and this deserves more admiration than you. I start STOMPING him aggressively, YELLING verbal insults until it breaks down to tears! I don’t let up despite the obvious tears and pathetic crying. If anything, it only makes me HATE him more. So I fck with his mind and change my tone to something more sympathetic. And as soon as he lets his guard down I laugh in his stupid ugly face and make him worship the dirt off my feet, all the while reinforcing how little I think of him. He is WEAK and BROKEN… just the way I like it. He will be bullied by me until his very last day hahahaha