Vesper Vyce – You Love Me

Every day is Valentine’s Day when you’re serving Me because you love Me. You’ll fall deeper in love with Me the deeper you fall into trance as you find yourself repeating these mantras over and over again without even being aware you are doing so because once you start you won’t be able to stop.
These mantras will become so deeply ingrained into your psyche and subconscious, inevitably overriding everything else to the point where all you will think about is how much you love serving and pleasing Me. Eventually, all that you will only ever want to do is serve, worship and please Me.
So, whether you’re already My addicted slave or just starting to become tangled in My inescapable web, there is only one choice left–to fall deeper in love with Me; your Goddess, your Queen, your Vyce.
It’s time to fall headlong into a world of Vyce.