Vesper Vyce – Daddys Little Brat

Step-step-daddy loves spoiling his little brat. And, I love using you to get whatever I want even if it hurts your wallet (and it will) because you’re My human ATM, just a paypig. It’s just so hot to go into debt for your spoiled little princess, pampering me with expensive shopping trips, luxurious spa and salon visits, living the glam, high life with your money.

I’m so hot that with one look or just one word from My pouty lips, you immediately break. You’re so weak for your hot, greedy brat. So weak that even though I’m such a mean brat to you, bossing you around and treating you like the pig that you are, you still spend everything you have on Me because you love to see your greedy little brat spoiled, pampered and happy.