Ursula B – Beyond Limits 2 28.01.2021 TheLifeErotic.com

Ursula B – Beyond Limits 2 28.01.2021 TheLifeErotic.com

Kinky submissive Ursula B, a Hispanic babe with blonde-streaked brunette hair, is indulging her fetish for bondage in a quirky rustic loft. As we join her, an anonymous Master ties her wrists and ankles together, using fabric ripped from her pink top. Her arms are raised and secured to a bar above her head, and the tattered remains of her clothing leave her perfect tanlined breasts and unshaved pussy exposed.
After a brief struggle she frees herself, then runs her manicured hands over her slim curves. She rips her top to bare even more naked skin, then cups and massages her fabulous rack. She begins to masturbate, ruffling her hairy bush and rubbing her slit before dipping her fingers inside of her snatch.
The camera captures Ursula from every angle, lingering on her long legs and stunning ass from below, then focussing on her ecstatic face. All the while, she moves sensually, lust driving her to nip playfully at her own tan flesh with perfect white teeth. Then she sits on a small cabinet, thighs splayed.
Her gyrating body glistens with a sexy sheen of sweat as she humps her hand and sucks on the fingers of the other. As her orgasm builds her moans get louder; her fingers sink deeper inside of her hairy pussy then emerge, slick with her juices. One bare foot is raised to rest on the cabinet, toes pointed as she screws herself.
She hits the brink – now one hand probes her wet snatch as the other strums her clit. For a short while, she stays in control. then, body quivering, she cums, whimpering then crying out in release. She strokes her crotch and grabs her tits to prolong the pleasure. Then she caresses her body as she drifts back down to earth before finally leaving the scene.

Ursula B - Beyond Limits 2 28.01.2021 TheLifeErotic.com

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