Tina Tiny & Lutro – Seduction 05.05.2021 SexArt.com

Elegant beauty Tina Tiny flirts with Lutro, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Seduction” begins. His hands roam over her slender body as she kisses him, sliding a hand down to stroke his crotch boldly. She unzips his pants and jerks his stiff cock, then kneels to take it in her mouth, gazing up at him as she licks and sucks hungrily. Standing, Tina bends over and Lutro pulls her black lace panties down and thrusts into her from behind. She rocks back to meet each stroke, moaning with arousal as he fucks her vigorously. Pushing her man onto the bed, Tina gets naked and straddles him, guiding his erection into her shaved pussy and sinking down on it slowly until it’s buried to the hilt. She rides hard, her dark nipples rigid and her sexy ass rippling as she rises and falls energetically, until she’s overwhelmed by a powerful orgasm. Lutro flips them into missionary, fucking her to another breathless climax, then drills her in doggy and fills her with a hot load of cum that drips from her soaked pussy.