Tilly McRease and Paisley Princess – School Girl Vs Nurse RVQ Entertainment

This a request for a special wrestling match involving Tilly McReese as a nurse and Paisley Prince as a school girl. They were both introduced and both were looking mighty sexy as they danced when they entered. They started the first fall back forth and Paisley was locked on a triangle headscissor choke that Tilly struggling and then K0d. Second fall Tilly comes back with a vengeance on Paisley and taunts Tilly quite a bit before squeezing her to rest with a tight headscissor then pinning her with a victory dance. Final fall and Paisley wasn’t having another lost so she made sure she was on top of her game and when all was said and done she put Tilly’s head into her front fig 4 headscissors and it was over for Tilly. Paisley pins her for the last fall and with her victory dance.