Summer Monroe – Summer The Sexy Executrix Legz Of Destruction

Summer Monroe lures her target into a tarp and he is thinking he will get his dreams fulfilled once she arrives but he don’t know what she has in store for him. As he awaits his fate excited for he doesn’t know is coming she walks in wearing her heels and dress and her calves just pop out. When she arrives to him she tells him in a seductively voice that this is his last day alive. She slowly begins to wrap around his neck and begins constricting. She toys with him and smiles while enjoying her t0rture over him. It seems like he is in between her thighs forever as she uses her weapons to drain the life out of him slowly taking her time and even switching positions. She k0s him then immediately wakes him for more pain between her thighs this time taking her heels off in the process. After a long period of constricting she finally jerks his neck with a swift motion and snaps it. However she doesn’t let go but only holds his neck hostage to keep it between her thighs as if she is playing with her toy not wanting to let it go. She jerks a second time again making sure her toy is not moving. She tells him their time is done and smiles after its over the walking away.