Summer and Crystal – Take Us To The Beach Or Get Your Balls Busted Girls Next Door

Summer and Crystal are looking hotter than ever in their sexy little bikinis and they’re all ready to hit the beach, the only problem is Summer’s big brother is being a jerk and won’t drive them. Well if you’ve seen Crystal and Summer in action before, you know that they have a very particular set of skills to always get exactly what they want.

As Summer distracts him, Crystal needs very little encouragement to slam a fist into his unsuspecting balls. It’s not long after that before Summer sack taps him as soon as his attention is turned to her friend LOL. When her brother makes the mistake of scolding and pushing his little sisters friend for her repeated attacks towards his groin they both get pretty pissed and decide to kick, knee, stomp, trample and Bust his BALLS until they finally get their way.
These girls are Princess’s after my own heart!