Strong Madame Lucrecia Vs Torsten – Czech Amazon

Lucrecia /6" (183 cm) 238 lb (107 kg) 34 yo/ compares her strength and skills against strong Torsten /5’8" (177 cm) 158 lb (72 kg) 27 yo/ who has some BJJ training and feels optimistic about the outcome.

Czech Amazon is also feeling confident since she’s the one who’s bigger and more experienced with current grappling rules. Will the heavyweight Lucrecia win and humiliate Torsten or will she suffer loss on the mats during this fully competitive wrestling match?

Match outline: interview, the match (23 minutes), winner punishes the loser (10 minutes), victory pose, interview.


Tall Czech grappler Lucrecia can use all her advantages against her male opponent, although he tries very hard. This match is a must watch for fans of a truly competitive mixed wrestling. Torsten manages to attack Lucrecia, he even gets on top sometimes but strong BBW dominates this match and scores many times with pins, smother holds, triangle or a tight scissorhold. Torsten manages to score after all but Lucrecia’s score is too high.

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Czech dominatrix clearly enjoys punishing her rival for his foolish attempts to win. Lucrecia crushes his ego with her big ass, thighs and feet. Then she tramples his body and poses over his body like a huntress over a well deserved male-trophy.