Stella Liberty – Get That Fet Con Bod Clips4Sale

K Dynamite has booked a training session with Stella Liberty so that he can get a perfect looking bod for the upcoming Fetcon in Florida this summer. Stella works with the best and is prepared to get Dynamite in shape for shooting and pool season. She starts by putting him in some workout appropriate clothing and notices he is wearing an electro-stim unit to give him abs with no effort. She cranks up the voltage so he can really start to sweat and asks if he can feel it. The exercises begin and Dynamite is made to do repeated squats to work on his glutes. Stella cranks up the belt and has him do squat lifts and thrust into her crotch. The really is getting to him and for his complaints she spits in his mouth. He’s so defiant and upsets her so she nails into him and has him lick the bottoms of her dirty sneakers. She cranks the voltage of the belt up and has him lift into her foot so he is his cock and balls while he feels the burn. She sits on his face and smothers him with her sweaty yoga ass and has him do leg lifts until he is screeching in pain. No pain no gains today!!! She places her sweaty sneaker on his face and makes him sniff her shoe. The sweaty socks are in his face while he screams under the pressure of the exercises and belt. The smell of her stinky socks is motivation enough for him to get through the training session.