Stella Liberty – Dungeon Caning ManyVids

After a break, I’m ready to get back to my strung out slave. Fluffy is helpless with his arms over his head and it’s time for me to have some fun marking up his body again. With a fresh cigarette in one hand and a punishing cane in the other I get to work on turning my slave into a little striped tiger. I make him thank me after every stroke and eventually move onto a thicker cane that makes a bigger impact. It makes me squeal with glee when his tiny body jumps around after each hard impact and I find every sensitive spot on his butt and lower thigh. I love the way his little leg lifts off the floor trying to protect his bruised spots but I am merciless and continue to go after the tender spots. Once he has some nice color on his back, I move over to the front. Sluffy begs me not to go after his cock and balls but it puts a huge smile on my face as he tries to protect them by squirming around. But I don’t care, my strikes will come down on any piece of flesh he gives me and only I decide when we are done. Because he will do whatever pleases me.