Solange – Released 2 The Life EroticTLE

Smoldering-hot Hispanic submissive Solange is bound and naked on a wooden counter in a rustic attic "dungeon". Her cuffed ankles are chained together, while her wrist-restraints are connected to a leather collar. She struggles against them, getting herself in even more of a tangle, and flaunts her perfect breasts and hairy pussy as she stands then stumbles across the room.

The sexy brunette drops to her knees then sits on the hard wood floor to unbuckle one leg-cuff with deft, manicured fingers. Within moments her hands are free, then she unfastens her collar. She lies back and caresses her tanlined globes, then raises the one leg that remains bound. The loose cuff dangles from it and she plays the leather strap against her crotch before reaching down to stroke her slit.

Her tits get more attention from her sticky fingertips, then she finds a black plug-dildo stashed beneath the counter. She sucks on the ridged shaft with relish, coating it in drool, then spanks it against her unshaved pussy-lips. Soon, she is juiced-up enough to take it in just one thrust, and she moans as she crams every inch inside of her.

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Her leg-chain rattles as she plows herself, then she places the toy on the floor, thighs splayed wide as she rides it. As it penetrates her, she frigs her slit, then whimpers with pleasure as she bangs it faster.

Within moments, she is on the brink of orgasm, arching her body and grabbing a breast as she hits the point of no return. She cries out as she withdraws the dildo, then unbuckles the ankle cuff – symbolically, she is now totally free. Solange has found release in every sense and leaves the scene of her submission, still naked but no longer bound.