Shyla Shy – Beautiful Shyla did everything she could featuring Hand Domination

Shyla’s slave is confined to the KNEELING milker. The kneeling MILKER is a crude but highly effective bondage device that doesn’t allow the slave use of his arms or legs. The penis is trusts forward and at the MERCY of its owner. Shyla enjoys having complete control over the 10 inch dick. She teases the swollen ERECTION with her finger tips, paying close attention to the area directly underneath the HEAD of the cock. She enjoys watching the MONSTER dick twitch with her perfectly placed touches. Like so many cocks before it, this one succumbs to Shyla’s stroking and HUGE natural breasts. Just as the SEMEN started to shoot out, Shyla stopped stroking. Cruel! The busty blonde watched as the 10 inch curved cock labored to rid itself of SEMEN. Once the penis stopped producing semen on its own, she stepped in! Shyla began attacking the sensitive HEAD of the dick, stroking it LONG after orgasm. The slave could not FREE himself and thus his ORGASM was ruined.