Sarah DiAvola, Pocahontas Jones – Exposing Miss popular

"For three years now I Mary have been the best-looking, most popular girl in college. I can’t help it that I was born better than everyone else, but I can damn well flaunt it. Of course being the most beautiful girl in school means that I have a group of friends that will do anything I say. They’re all gorgeous themselves, but they just lack the extra edge about them that I possess. Let me describe myself. I am a young woman with a perfect body which I don’t need to exercise to maintain. I have long hair, pretty eyes and smooth tanned skin. Whenever I walk down the street both men and women drool at the sight of me, and I love it. Everything in my life is perfect. My parents give me whatever I want, whenever I want and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Of course, being the best means that I get all of the special privileges. I am the head cheerleader at school which I am extremely proud of as I worked very hard to gain the position and use every chance I get to whip the team into shape. I’m a stern leader, but I think they all realize the work that is required to be the best. Unless we’re talking about me, hah!
I have a large collection of friends that follow me around and hang on to every word that I say. Being the best-looking, I make all of the decisions in our group and the girls rarely question anything I say. This is just a perk of being the queen bee and I have grown very accustomed to having my wishes obeyed.
The closest of my friends is probably Jane. We’ve know each other for a long time and I would easily call her my best friend. She is also absolutely gorgeous, just like me. We are actually very similar in appearance, apart from one major difference which is Jane has darker hair. She is shorter than me, which is appropriate as I think that being taller than her helps guys to notice me. Her breasts are smaller than mine, which I like to show off, but they do look more in proportion to the rest of her. If she knew how good she looked then she might be a rival for my title. However she lacks my confidence and therefore she will always be in my shadow. That is how I like it anyway, she is always trying in various ways to please me and she will do whatever I say. It’s like there is an understanding between us, I am in control and she follows.
All was well and good in my life until recently. School was boring as usual so I was really looking forward to the weekend. Jane came up to me in the hall and told me how her parents had gone away for the week, so would I like to spend the weekend at hers. Sure, why not I thought, it could probably be fun. We could give each other makeovers, talk about guys, maybe even get Tipsy off her parents’ alcohol.

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Watch Jane turn the tides on Mary in a big way. After Mary tries to tickle Jane, and Jane puts her foot on Mary’s face, Mary is shocked at how much she likes it, and even begins to touch herself. Jane realizes that this is her chance to completely dominate this popular bitch. Watch Jane Mary to the floor where Mary sucks and licks her feet, then orders Mary into her bedroom. While Jane showers, Mary touches herself on the bed and explores her own feet. Then, they have a little chat. The truth is that Jane never liked Mary and always thought she was a stuck-up bitch. So, since it’s obvious that Mary has a foot fetish, things are going to be a lot different at school from now on. Jane makes Mary BEG to have her feet, and by the end, Mary is masturbating herself to orgasm while Jane’s sexy feet are all over her exposed face.

This is a cinematic, dramatic production that followed the custom story to the very last word. If you enjoy girl/girl foot worship in any way, you will love this video. It’s essentially 3 parts: foot smother, foot worship, and foot-smelling masturbation. Pocahontas can’t keep her hands off of herself throughout this entire clip!