Sarah Diavola – Frat Fucked

You’re new here. Fresh. It’s hard to meet people, let alone beautiful female students. Everyone seems to be too… grown up for you. But here I am, sexy and sweet and helpful. I don’t want you to feel lost in your new school, and I want to help you make new friends. There’s a party at a frat house tonight. Do you want to come? Everyone will be there.
The night finally comes, and you’re going to walk into a college party – your first one – with the most beautiful girl on campus. This could be a whole new beginning for you!
When you walk into the room, you immediately get a sense of anxiety. It’s mostly men. And they’re all staring at you like a piece of fresh meat. Because you are. You turn to run out the door, but I slam it shut behind you, lock it, and push you toward the group of half naked, aggressive-looking, rock hard cocks.
What follows is an experience that will change your life and your sexual brain forever. Pinned down by who knows how many jocks and jerks, spread open like a fajita, you no longer have agency over your own body. Tonight, we’re going to use it for fun, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it, little man.
I get close to your face, purring in your ear. There is no escape from this. Try to move. Try to wriggle out. Just try. You can’t. You are pinned and helpless. I suggest you relax and enjoy it, because it’s not going to stop until you cum – and clenching will only make the cocks feel bigger and more painful. I kiss you on the forehead.
Both of your holes are used as cock pockets and fuck toys. Your body becomes nothing but a sex doll, passed around from cock to cock. The girls in the room watch and cheer, as you look around helplessly for any mercy. I don’t stop looking at you, directly in the eyes. I’m smiling.
Your howls and yelps will only encourage them, so please do fight and resist and try to kick away. It will only make them laugh and punish you harder.
You are fuck meat tonight, freshman.