Sara Lips – Sara dominates with her ass Brutal Beauties

Sara Lips definitely has a sexy muscular ass and she knows how to use it. After a lot of scissoring, Sara decided it was time to control my breathing another way. She use her sexy ass to get me to tap and beg for mercy at her whim. Sara is a strong woman who knows how to be in total control and she can physically control most men dumb enough to challenge. In this one she makes sure I don’t spend much time breathing and that I fully understand who’s the boss. Once Sara gets that ass on your face, all you can do is hope she gets up…many times she didn’t get up and I was to push her off me just to catch a quick gasp of air. Sara can be a sadistic woman when provoked and she shows that she really don’t care if you get air or not. She adds in a few hands chokes at the end to finish me off…but I was already done from the damage she did with her amazing ass. Sara is one of a kind and not one to be messed with