Rebelle Hart – Cucked by Bratty Ex for Being a Beta Loser

Ever since I dumped you for being a weak loser, I only talk to you when I need something. Like when I want you to pick me up from the salon or when a lightbulb needs to be changed. You are such a beta simp that you do it without question. You are so pathetically desperate to please me because I’m such a hot brat. It is so easy for me to manipulate you into doing whatever I want. You are obsessed with me that even though you know you will never get to touch me again, you will do anything to even be near me for a second. You are desperate for even the smallest moment of my time that you can furiously goon to later.
I’ve discovered a way to make this even more fun for me. I am going to make you a cuck by making you pay for all my dates with my new hot alpha boyfriend. I am even going to make you be our driver so you can watch a real man fuck your ex-girlfriend in the back of your car. Hell, you are going to sit in your car in my driveway while you listen to me him fucking me on the bed we once shared. You are such a cuck, you won’t be able to stop yourself from gooning. I want you to understand why a girl like me will never be with a beta loser like you. I want you to know what it sounds like when I cum because you never ever made me orgasm. And I want you to pay for the privilege to do all of this. The idea is making you hard isn’t it, cuckie? What a fucking pervert. I’m perfect and you’re pathetic, of course you are hard.
I have you completely controlled by my perfect pink little pussy, and you don’t even get to touch it anymore! That is so pathetic and sad for you. A real man would never put up with this. But you aren’t a real man. So, you devote yourself to doing the bidding of your bratty ex-girlfriend and her Alpha boyfriend with a huge cock. How utterly humiliating. You are going to fantasize about him fucking me in the dresses and lingerie you are still buying me. Let that sink in. You are lucky you even get that honestly.
You will go broke paying for my life with Alpha. Your soul will be destroyed from the devastating reality of being a beta simp who gets off to watching his bratty ex-girlfriend get fucked by a real man. You will start to worship us. You have no choice. It is the natural order of things. You will lose yourself until only gooning to being our cuck remains.