RADA – You must lick the sweat off my feet without taking off my shoes Licking girls feet

Rada returns home after a date.. her fat slave erika is faithfully waiting for her at the door. As soon as Rada entered, the slave immediately kissed the beautiful feet of her Mistress as a sign of greeting. Rada’s feet were sweaty after dancing, especially her soles and toes. Rada went into the room and ordered the slave to lick the dust from her shoes .. When erika cleaned the dust from the Mistress’ shoes, Rada decided to have some fun with her. "Lick the sweat off my soles and toes without taking off my shoes! I don’t care how you do it!" Rada ordered. erika was confused and began to diligently push her tongue between Rada’s bare soles and the insoles of her shoes. Rada pressed the slave’s tongue with her toes and heels. Tough task for a slave..