RADA and SALMA – Do you think you ate enough dirt today? PART2 24.01.2022 Licking Girls Feet

"It seems to us that you are not full, pig! You are really very useless .. you couldn’t clean our boots, but we will feed you anyway! Take off our boots!" – Rada and Salma continued to mock. The pathetic slave took off the girls’ boots and they began to stain their bare feet in the mud. "I think you know what you have to do! Worship our bare dirty feet!" – The girls had fun. The idiotic rose pulled out her tongue and began to lick the girls’ feet, swallowing all the dirt from them. "We want you to eat today, pig! lol! Trust us, you won’t go hungry!" – Rada and Salma took a spoon .. rose understood what was waiting for her and opened her mouth! The girls took turns scooping up the dirt with a spoon and feeding the loser rose with this dirty mess. It’s really hard to imagine how much mud rose ate today. The girls had great fun and the pig slave was fed .. Everyone is happy.