Princess Violette – Keyholder Not Ur GF

It was quite easy to go from being locked up for a few hours, into a few days, and now it’s been 10 full days without any release. but as your sweet kinky girlfriend you just couldn’t say no to me. I know I said that after you worship my heels today I would let you out, but I have other plans for you. I’ve gotten you addicted to being my chastity slave. It’s true. It excites you like no other to be teased so cruelly only to be denied ruthlessly. Wearing the sexiest skimpiest lingerie set with my pleasers. I’m so fucking hot. The pussy denial hurts so good. Face it. The truth is I’m not your girlfriend. I’m your key holder. 10 days were nothing. That was just chastity play! Now I’m ready for REAL chastity which means you have no choice but to be ready too. The keys are in my possession dangling perfectly between my perky tits. They are mine. You’ll learn in this clip that MY pleasure is your focus now, not your own. You’ll become completely addicted to being denied by me.