Princess Violette – 72HRS In Chastity Day 1,2,3

Your suffering for me is ecstasy. Chastity is not just meant for locktober. I’m here to remind you of the sweet brutal denial of being locked up for me. Especially during the hot bratty bitch summer!
This is a 72HR chastity challenge that you will be participating in. You will be spending the entirety of it staying in your cage without release. You will learn to love and accept your place as my pathetic locked up slave. I’m releasing this 3 day series while vacationing in Mexico. I play, and you stay locked up in your cage. I’ll show you just how weak and owned you truly are. This is an amazing opportunity for boys who have never spent time in chastity before. or for a slave who forgot all about the cage life. I’m here to guide you through it and make it hurt so good that chastity will become your place. Each clip in this series is so special and divine and some of my all time favorites. I had so much fun teasing and relishing in my princess power and I’m so excited to destroy you that much more.