Princess Natalie – Extreme Foot-devotion Long JOI Clips

"I know you’re so excited for my stinky, stinky nylons…! *laughs* I’ve been wearing them all day long in my stinky little slippers today…you are going to love how they smell, and how they taste!…you can’t get enough of my stinky pantyhose, can you?

Princess Natalie knows how to take a veteran foot-slave and bring him to his knees. Her feet are so perfect, you’ll be happy to lick them clean even when they are filthy. this video is a quest of edging to the extreme and proving how devoted a foot-slave can really be for his foot princess. foot humiliation, foot worship, teasing, edging, dirty feet, cum in chastity and outside of it, toenails clippings, nylons…A true foot-fetish masterpiece, for true foot lovers.