Princess Faith – Faith’s Authority Dreamgirls In Socks

Wow! Here that was my second experience with this 18 y.o. Cutie after she had those socks on for five days in a row especially for this clip! That was also like a secret fantasy for Faith to abvse this foot slave under the desk while she’s chatting with her boyfriend on the computer! I remember like it was yesterday when she knocks at the door and i saw her with the same socks as two days ago for the first session! I can tell I had an instant hard on at this moment!

Faith makes this loser lie on the floor and just can’t wait to remove her sneakers! She then immediatly cover his nose and his face with her extreme sweaty socks! They were really warm and wet and the aroma was so strong! She makes sure there’s not much fresh air for this loser and smother his face with her feet! Faith now knows how this idiot is addicted to her so she takes her socks off to smother his face with her smelly barefeet! That was such a honor to serve this amazing Princess after a long day with her converse! Another dream come true!