Princess Beverly & Goddess Rodea – We Party You Stay at Home American Mean Girls

This loser literally begged to come over just drop off some cash for us. Well here is his big chance to show us how pathetic he really is. This is a real loser giving us real cash! Haha! Its not much but at least we filmed it so we can show you that we really do have cash point meets for our losers. My Step-Sister and I are going to spend the money he gives us in this video when we are out to dinner tonight and we are ordering this slave to go home and jerk to us. He has to immediately leave our presence and go home and stark jerking to our videos until we are done with our plans at about 2AM. We told him this is as close to a date with either of us as he will ever get LOL! He pays for us to go out while he stays home at the same time. When the date is over we will text him that he can stop jerking now and go to rest, haha! If you want to send us cash to date us like this we will use you for all the cash you have and order you to jerk while we are out spending it all! Haha! A loser date for a loser! Muah!