Princess Amber, Princess Draya, Princess Chanel, Miss Lexi Chase – Contenting On a Loser American Mean Girls

This is more of a behind-the-scenes clip. So the camera is just on a tripod at a distance. We thought we would let you losers see what it’s like when we lounge around the Mean Girl Manor all day creating content for losers like you.

Slaves are useful to us, as we step on them to give us a little height while we take pictures for our various platforms that we maintain to augment our celebrity lifestyles. We just have to make sure we cut them out of the picture because their so fat and ugly it could ruin our image by having him in there- even if it is just some “thing” that we are stepping on.

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Oh and don’t be surprised if some other Mean Girls drop by to see how we’re doing it’s just the Mean Girl lifestyle.