Princess Amber – Face Sitting Heaven and Hell Brat Princess

A great way to exploit a virgin nerd is to lock them in chastity to make content with. In this clip I wear a sexy shiny red swim suit and use the smother box and a nerd for my financial gain. The smother box and nerd are both just things I use as a hot girl to make money. The music and atmosphere of this clip have a very relaxing and mind emptying effect. My sexy curves opens your brain up and I fill it back up with the thoughts that I want you to have. As a beta, you are already weak for a hot girl. You will feel weak and helpless and vulnerable while you jerk to it. In the findom version, there are cut ins and voice overs of girls humiliating you and teasing you. Making you weak. Making you want to serve me. In the non-findom version you just get the soft relaxing music to goon to. This is a great clip for gooners that are into findom. If you are a goner not into findom buy the non-findom version and just enjoy a good goon session.