PraytoSerena – From Man to Bitch in 20 Minutes

This was a custom created for an eager boy who craved to be put in his place. POV: It’s time to break down the self-proclaimed “alpha”; for far too long has he been hiding behind this alpha male façade, but I see right through him. It’s time to strip him of his dignity, ego and manhood and remind him he is simply nothing more than my humbled, pathetic little bitch. I put him on his knees and begin my fun where I tease, humiliate, degrade and taunt him with my pretty feet, my thick strap-on and my twisted mind. Over the course of our twenty minutes together, I prove to him over and over that he is exactly what I thought he was all along: a bitch. I make him feel his inferiority by spitting on him, having him worship my feet + toes, suck on my socks, blow my strap-on, locking him in chastity and pegging him until he cums all over himself in his cage. All it takes is twenty minutes for me to show you exactly who you are. can you handle the truth, and are you ready to face the facts about who you’ve been all along? Come get a taste of reality.