Pamala vs Zac – 1 Hour Competitive Match Pamela vs Zac including LONG humiliation Competitive Wrestling Club

Intro + Competitive Match + Long Humiliation Round

Lately (yet to be released!) Zac challenged Pamela to short matches, and he managed to take some points and put her in trouble due to the short nature of the fight, making him feel a bit cocky. Pamela is 100% sure she can still dominate and beat the guy in a long, no-time limit fight where endurance and stamina are a key factor with a LONG humiliation round at the end for the loser… Challenge accepted!

Rules: there is no limit of time, the winner is declared by the other admitting defeat and realizing it’s useless to continue, there are no rounds and they both try to keep the fight continuous (a couple of small water breaks).

The fight is competitive and real, featuring lots of submissions, pain, scissors and ego showing up. Pamela was right and her stamina is no match for Zac, who visibly starts to fall down, minute after minute, trying to not giving up. Pamela ignores some taps and tests his resilience, knowing she’s wearing him down. A reverse headscissor (showing in the preview) was particulary nasty for Zac. But he doesn’t go nice either, trapping Pamela and even submitting her a few times as promised. During the fight, the outfit get really sweaty so Pamela goes topless, to please her fans. At 30 minute mark, the two make a pause, Pamela is ahead on points and confident to be the winner, with Zac not being so confident to be able to recover…Zac is in a tough spot, he’s behind points and Pamela just keeps going, taking submissions and punishing him more and more, ignoring taps. The fight still goes on but it’s harder and harder, until Zac has to give up in order to breath and get some rest after a devasting reverse headscissor. Pamela is not satisfied and orders the fight to continue to humiliate him even more before the actual humiliation. The long 15 minutes humiliation round features lots of facesitting, foot fetish, muscle worship and… PAIN! Pamela doesn’t go easy and takes her long deserved victory, all sweated but not tired