Omitome – Girl with Horse Brawnfree Stables

Once upon a time we find the woman with a certain affection for horses in a stable. There butt ass naked she fucks a horse. The horse lies on its back as she crouches down while riding him anally holding into his hooves for support. Her thoroughly used up asshole gets stretched by his gigantic cock, every thrust violently bulges her stomach outwards reaching as far as her breasts. She widens the gap between her legs further allowing for a deeper penetration. She then grabs her ass cheeks as she rides him faster now while she moans with pleasure. The horse nickers lightly just as she slows down, she pushes her body down deeper onto his cock. She releases her hands holding her ass cheeks & slams herself down on him, the whole length of his cock goes deep inside her body. This pushes his cock further into her body than it has ever been before, his cock reaches past above her breasts now. The shape of his cock bulging her body outwards.

She looks down at his cock bulging her chest mere inches away from her face, and puts her hand on her bulged stomach. His cock pulsates briefly as he starts cumming while still inside her. Her chest bulges even further up & down as he ejaculates. The cum quickly starts to inflate her stomach making it look like she’s pregnant. Soon enough the cum finds its way back down her body & starts gushing out of her ass. He keeps on cumming & after filling her body it has nowhere else to but out her mouth. She tries to raise her hand to her face but it’s too late as she violently starts puking cum out of her mouth & down her chest dripping across her body.
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