Nikki Fierce – Tap Out Or Pass Out! Steves Wrestling Adventures

Just another video Nikki Fierce vs Steve ? Nope !! Nikki has always been among our favorite models. Always in shape, playful, funny, provocative and deceptively strong but she really pushes the limits in this new video " Tap out or Pass out " !!

The problem with Nikki is that even when you submit and tap out, she likes to prolong the pain and agony of her victim for some everlasting seconds before releasing him !! Steve is not the best wrestler but he can take a LOT of pain, so when he taps out , this means this is just too much, and this is what she likes, prolonging his agony, letting him scream and tap out desperately, dangerously pushing on the armbars, elbow and shoulder dislocator, not mentioning her infamous Rnc hold and triangle hold !!

In this video she comes up with some new, never seen before combination of vicious holds, teasing and humiliating Steve all the video long !! Smothers, scissorholds, armbars, shoulders and elbows dislocator, hot and effective facesitting, crucifix, leg figure 4, camel clutch … the list is long !! She talks to the camera with her innocent and angelic face while Steve, caught between her fit and muscular legs babbles some incomprehensible words, his face red-purple, and a glow of panic in his eyes !!

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She’s got more strength, more muscle and more technique ..unstoppable teaser and talker, she is the nightmare of the mats !! Thanks Nikki !