NICOLE and JANE – Now we’ll check your performance Licking Girls Feet

Nicole and Jane left slave rose on the road a couple of days ago with a sign "Boot cleaner". They ordered her to clean the boots of everyone who stops near her. Today they decided to test her performance and see how she copes with her tasks. The girls went to the same place where they left her. Of course, this whore didn’t budge and faithfully sat with a sign in her hands and waited for her clients. "Show us how you serve your customers idiot! hahaha" – Nicole and Jane ordered as they approached the slave. They pulled the dirty boots out without getting out of the car and rose began to lick their soles. "By the way .. let’s her clean our car for one thing!" – Jane suggested and Nicole happily agreed. The girls got out of the car and the slave started cleaning their car with her tongue. She licked the mirrors, body and wheels of the car while the girls watched her work and humiliated her morally. "Don’t forget the interior of the car you idiot.. the mats and pedals are dirty too!" – Nicole said. The slave ran her tongue across the dirty mats while the girls pressed her head with their boots. When the girls had plenty of fun, they decided to throughly spit on this stupid slut .. Nicole and Jane got into a warm car, leaving the loser in the same place with the same sign in sub-zero frost.