NICOLE and BELLA – New beautiful girl and her first foot worship experience Licking Girls Feet

Nicole invited her beautiful friend Bella over to her place to chat and have a good time. Bella knew that Nicole has many slaves and one of them is constantly in her apartment to perform various types of work and for entertainment. She had never tried using a slave before. The girls sat on the bed and talked on various funny topics, and at this time rose lay under the bed at their feet. Suddenly, the girls noticed that their feet were dusty. What does it mean? This means that the stupid bitch did a bad job cleaning the apartment and of course this pissed off Nicole. She pulled the slave out from under the bed. "Look at our feet scum! Why are they dusty? Lick the dust off Bella’s feet!" – Nicole ordered the slave. Bella was a little confused at first because this is the first time she has had her feet licked.. all the more dusty. "Ugh, she licks my dirty soles and swallows the dust off them hahahaha. How nasty she is!" – Bella quickly began to enjoy watching the humiliation of the slave. Nicole started to wipe her dirty soles on the slave’s face. The face of the slave was covered with dust from Nicole’s feet and the girls laughed. "Hahaha, that’s really funny! Can we do anything with her?" Bella continued to have fun. Nicole then spat in rose’s face and Bella laughed even harder. "Try it too! lol!" – Said Nicole and Bella without hesitation spat in the face of a slave. Bella didn’t expect that it would be so much fun to humiliate this slut and now she wants her own personal slave!