Natasha’s Bedroom – COCKcember iWantClips

Do you know what December is? It’s COCK-cember. It’s a month of daily dick addiction training for you, homo. You’re going to jerk for a cock of my choice each and every day of Cock-cember. 31 days. 31+ cocks, each carefully handpicked by me. A different dick to drool over, jerk to, and go gay for each day of the month. You’re going to be OBSESSED with cock. You’re going to be jerking your faggot brains out for cock. It doesn’t matter how straight you think you are, because the cocks I’ve picked are so hot, so juicy, and so suckable that you’ll be deep in the faggot zone all month. This COCK-cember will convert you into a TOTAL COCK ADDICT.

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Ready fag? You have a sign-up task. You’re going to take the Cock-cember pledge, agree to the (simple) rules, and then await my reply with further instructions.