Mistress Victoria Colonna and Mistress Viola – Red And Black Hard Trampling On Our Slave

Today I invited my friend, Mistress Viola to my Dungeon because together we want to test the endurance of my personal doormat. I have trained it a lot to be stepped on by my heels and bear my weight but yet I have never stepped on it in heels with a friend. I tied him to my throne because he must remain still and immobile while 4 sharp heels pierce him at the same time. Now we begin the ordeal, my friend and I climb on top of him with all our weight, sticking the heels of our décolleté into his flesh. You will witness its complete destruction. He is trampled everywhere, nipples, balls abdomen and legs. We have no mercy for him, he is our piece of meat for slaughter and exists only to be stepped on and used as a doormat. He will be tested with various shoes, my Louboutin with sharp thin heels and my Blade will be his damnation. His torment does not placate us on the contrary we decide to wear boots to finish the work of total destruction of his defenseless body. Today my doormat has realized that his body exists only to be at our total service, and the marks we have left on his skin will be there to remind him for a long time.