Mistress Trish – Thank You Mistress, May I Have Another Utopia’s Sexy Mixed Wrestling!

Mistress Trish is known as the "Yoga Mistress" because she has practiced Yoga for over 15 years. One look at her amazing, lithe, muscular physique and you would naturally assume that she spends hours in the gym. However, Mistress Trish told us she never has lifted weights … ever! Her unbelievable musculature is built entirely through Yoga and diet. There is literally no fat on this woman and you can tell when Rich taps, there is no jiggle whatsoever! Just sinewy slabs of concrete, smashing in on his trapped chicken neck and skull! That said this weekend was the first time Rich ever shot with Utopia and he gained his scissor slave reputation and new respect after enduring, Fon, Lili, Ashley Starr and finally Mistress Trish. We thought we killed him, lol! Mistress Trish is searching for a Scissor Slave as a practice dummy to keep her scissorholds in fine tune, and Rich was her newest audition. Her legs were built to scissor and when you see her awesome muscles leap of the screen in bold relief and Rich’s face turn beet red, you’ll know she doesn’t hold back at all. She grinds Rich into scissor slave heaven with some intense scissoring and makes him repeatedly say "Thank You Mistress, May I Have Another!"