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A 27 minute session with Mistress Missy’s big sissy maid. He is teased and tormented by Her beautiful pussy and then punished with a cane. She sits on his face to get ready for Her date then uses a vibrator to orgasm right in front of the sissy bitch. Finally She slips on Her strap-on for a quick suck and a long fuck of his asshole before ordering back to the toilet to finish cleaning.

Mistress Missy finds Her giant maid cleaning the master bathroom. His work is not satisfactory so She decides some punishment is in order. She removes Her shorts showing off Her white pantyhose and hovers over his head displaying Her pussy. She orders him to crawl out and bend over and spanks and canes him.

The skin tight white pantyhose are like a second skin as Mistress Missy beats the big submissive. After he has had a taste of Her cane and a brief hand spanking, She tells him She will be going out soon and positions him behind Her so She can rest Her ass on his face as She powders Her nose and inspects Her makeup. She turns and give him a sniff of Her pussy and, being so horny from describing Her hot boyfriend, She turns a vibrator on and allows him to watch her masturbate. After She orgasms, She slips on a strap-on and it between his lips, ordering him to suck Her rubber cock.

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After he has deep throated Her strap-on She orders him to the tub and has him get on all fours. Moving behind him She greases up his tight hole through his pantyhose and then inserts Her cock. He is so tight but She gradually works the long dick in up to the hilt and then has a nice fuck. Halfway through She slips out of Her lacy white bra and thrusts harder until he is grunting and his asshole is clenching on Her cock. When She is finally done She orders him back to the toilet where She found him.