Mistress Lola Ruin – Yoga Pants Smother

A compilation of 3 Yoga Pants clips! This collection works out $5 less than buying separately.
1. Yoga Pants Pervert
I always catch you perving on Me just as I am about to go out to yoga class. Is it these stretchy pants that you like so much? Wow… your cock just twitched just at the mention of them. Now I can’t help but tease you before I go. Let Me bend over and show you how stretchy that lycra material is. I bet you wish you were behind Me in My classes don’t you? I want you to worship them right now whilst you wank that cock, then maybe once I get home from class and they are all super sweaty I might sit on your face full weight…

2. Sweaty Yoga Worship

Just like a good little sweat bitch, you have been sat waiting patiently for Me to get back from My hot yoga class haven’t you? I worked out really hard, just look how wet My sports bra and yoga pants are. Let’s get you where you belong, on your knees and worshipping Me! I want your nose buried deep between My breasts and then licking My armpits. I know your favourite part though is when I facesit you in sweaty yoga pants, and I have been extra kind today… I haven’t worn any panties underneath My yoga pants! Let Me tease you with these sweaty yoga pants before I sit back on your face full weight. Make sure you are playing with that cock whilst I do…

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3. Yoga Pants Smother

I have a pair of well worn yoga pants on, and I want to test your devotion. I am going to sit back on your face full weight. I am going to command you fill your lungs with My scent. I am going to tease you with My perfect ass over and over. Your cock will soon be bulging as I inch My ass closer to your face and command you sniff. Get your nose buried between those cheeks whilst I give you a slow cum countdown…
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Yoga Pants Smother
Sweaty Yoga Worship
Yoga Pants Pervert