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How it began. Story from Mistress Anna
Part 1
I worked at the airport in the duty-free shop.It was a long time ago. I didn’t know much about fetishes …Third-year there I become something like the manager of my shift… they were mostly girls, very good friends most of them bigger than me, I was only 21 during that time. One of the girls was 9 years older and very beautiful, we still friends we had 3 guys that do the hard stuff, heavy basked …one guy just started work with us, it was his first season he was short and ugly, about 22 years old maybe and smelled very bed always he didn’t talk much and always looked at my shoes One day Tania call me and told me to go to the … warehouse when I get there I saw that guy watching on the floor and she yelling him She saw him how he opened her locker and searching inside something
she thought that he is stealing there is CCTV in that room because the safe is also there I was the manager so she asks me to watch the cameras end of the first part.
Part 2 This was the moment when this guy becomes RED he sweats so much …I thought that he is getting sick. I was shocked He starts begging not to watch the video and he insists that didn’t steal but I was even more curious to see what happened.Why he is so desperate not to watch it. I found the video and start watching from the beginning. He stated in the corner of the room and Tania asked him other questions. This moment I saw him on the tape. It was so embarrassing he actually opened not only her locker but to the other girls too and not only that day. Later I found that he did the same few days back. He took out the shoes and started to sniff them and some times even lick them…We work with special shoes at work so ours are inside the lockers.I saw him how he grab one shoe and took a sniff, after that he licks the leather and the soles! And even tried to lick inside the sole. And this wasn’t the most disgusting part. In the same time he took his penis outside and masturbated. I was in shock Disgusting! I hate him anyway because he smells bad and he was strange but now I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to tell all this to my boss and get him fired. He deserved this. Pervert. but Tania …End of part two.
Part 3 – Why did you lick my shoes? – Tania asks him. – Do you want to make them clean for me? Do you like feet and stuff like this? He didn’t answer and looked in the ground and become red. For me, the whole situation was very embarrassing and I ask her to let him go. – Listen to me looser! – Tania spoke to him. – Go out and start doing what they paid you. Tomorrow we will decide what to do with you. It depends on how are you doing your job from now on. And just to let you know I am not going to help you anymore. You have to do it alone. I have to clean all alcohol botels in my sector but this is your job now. Am I clear? He didn’t set anything and just keep looking on the floor more and redder. – You don’t have ears or mouth? – Tania asks him – Do you want to call the boss and show her what you did? – No please… – HE finally manages to say something – Get busy then. Alex gets out and I and Tania left alone. I was starting to feel bad for that guy. -He has a foot fetish, hun. He wants to be a slave and smell girls’ feet, lick them and obey orders. – Tania set to me when we left. -What?- I ask her shocked – What do you talking about. Are you serious? Why he would want this?- Because he is submissive guy hun, I had a boyfriend like him and I know that there are others. Every 3 men have a foot fetish and many of them want to be slaves. It’s funny and not all of them are losers. You know one already. – Tania set -What? No! Who? -Peter! He has a foot fetish. I notice how he looks at my feet first whenever he sees me. I tested him a few times and I am positive that he has a foot fetish. – But he is the chief of security. He is always serious and looks so cool… how can he be the same as this looser. – I didn’t set that he is the same he just have a foot fetish, but I don’t know, maybe he is even worse… – Tania set with a smile – What can be worse than this??? – Toileet slave! – Tania set and start laughing – HELL NO! Don’t wanna know what this means – I was disgusted. – Hahaha, relax. I have an idea about Alex. It would be fun and you will like it I am sure!
End of part three!