Mistress Anna Elite – PUNISHING THE HOUSE SLAVE Oubliette

In my first visit to The Oubliette, I am called upon to deliver a harsh punishment to one of their house slaves. The lowly slave has been caught masturbating – again – and his Mistress is tired of his poor behaviour; this slave has been harshly punished only recently to no avail and now, he is mine to do with as I please.

I have the slave tightly restrained to a St Andrews cross, his hands are cuffed and so are his feet; there is no escape for him now. My smoked dragon cane will further his punishment and hopefully his lesson will be learned by the time I am done with him.

I commence the cruel caning punishment I have decided upon, we get only part way through when I realise the carless slave hasn’t even bothered to count the strokes I have expertly placed upon him. We start again.

This time around the slave counts each brutal thwack, thanking me as we go. Bright red stripes appear on his already tenderised flesh, as we approach thirty strokes the slave cries out in pain, his tolerance only just holding up. We are not done yet.

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Fifty strokes sees his punishment complete. A bruised backside should prevent his urge to wank his cock, at least for now.