Miss Xi – Lets Go For 100 Club Stiletto

Miss XI relaxes on the couch and enjoys her drink on a hot summer’s day. A shoe dangles from her foot, which she eventually allows to fall. She looks a bit angry and that means trouble for someone. She calls her slave over who diligently kneels by the fireplace, awaiting her directions. She orders him to sniff her feet and suck her toes. Thanks to some great camera angles, you get a fantastic view of her tiny size four feet, which are about to destroy his balls.

She tells him to stand up, and over the course of the next five minutes, repeatedly kicks him in the balls. She adds some punches and knees to his crotch as well. She humiliates him by making him kiss her feet and suck his own ball sweat from them. Her goal is 100 hits to his balls only then will she allow him to crawl back to his cage.