Miss Sadie – Her Ass Makes Him Even Dumber Club Stiletto

Gorgeous Miss Sadie is naked and walking up the stairs. She tells her slave to keep his nose in her ass. She sways and wiggles her cheeks and then head-butts him with her ass. The slave is mesmerized and he eagerly follows her all the way to the top of the landing. Sadie moves so slowly and seductively up the steps, a true vision. At the top, she tells the slave to sit on the top step and lay his head back. She tells him to beg for a sniff of her ass. She hovers it over his face and then grinds it in his face. she does light butt drops and tells him to kiss her hole. When he doesn’t thank her she slaps him repeatedly and spits in his mouth. She then sits on his face and lets him rim her. She switches from reverse to forward position and grinds his face some more. Again the dummy forgets to thank him so she slaps him again. "How can you be so ungrateful, rude, and pathetic?" she asks him. He confesses because she mesmerizes him so much he can’t think straight.

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Sadie now lays down on the floor and tells the slave he has had too much ass, it’s time for him to lick her armpits. Before he can crawl up to her pits she farts right in his face. Again he doesn’t thank her and he gets slapped again. She has him lick both pits and then looks at you and says you should be doing one so she can see who does a better job. "My boyfriend is coming over," she tells him and gets up, and walks down the steps. "Go lock yourself in your cage," she tells the dumb slave.