Miss Melissa – Extreme Wallet Drain For My Chastity Slave

I walk in after working out at the gym. I have a pair of dirty boots I need you to clean, but you are still complaining about that chastity cage. Ok. Fine! By the end of this long, multi part draining session, you will not dare to bitch about your lack of orgasms ever again. Go grab a stop watch!

How badly do you want to cum? Start the watch and then I let you unlock the cage. For every minute that you take, you will pay me $10. Still so worth it! I peel my gym socks off, shove my sweaty soles in your face and make you jerk off onto the ground in front of Me. I sit on my heels and slide down my leggings to expose My divine ass. Of course, I lock you up and make you pay.

I take back my dirty socks and tease you. However, I am not done draining you yet. You have to jerk off for Me again! This time I will make it more difficult. I spill rice on the ground and make you kneel. You will pay double for every minute that it take you to jerk off to my shapely calves.

Are you thanking Me? Haha I am not done! I am just getting into the extreme part of this drain session. The third round will hurt.

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Not as bad as the fourth round. Oh what? you are done? Nope! Not according to Me! So much bitching from you! I push you until you beg me to lock you up again.

Locked up? Good! I put a filthy pair of high heeled boots. They are more filthy than the first pair. But I bet you won’t be bitching about having to clean them. I even give you a treat, I spit some candy out and wrap it around the high heel. I spit on my boots and make you lick it up. I will drain that selfish attitude right out of you! Bitch again and I will continue to drain you daily until you are so useless I have to throw you out.