Miss Lollipop & Fuuka Doll – You Want to Be Girly

Fuuka and I look so cute in these super girly candy covered pink dresses don’t we? You love them. But you’re so confused about what you want. You don’t know if you wanna touch us and fuck us… or to wear the dresses yourself! That’s ok though, we’ve decided for you. You don’t know what you want. You have no idea what you need or what you want. You’re sexually confused. So from now on, we’ll let you know what you like, what you want, and what you are. Your purpose is whatever we say it is. And we’re going to start by changing your appearance. From now on you wanna be girly. You’re going to wear dresses, make up, nails. You’ll repeat mantras and feminize yourself into not even remembering that you were ever any other way. But how will you thank us for your new identity, your new sense of purpose? Well we need new furniture. Fuuka just moved. So you’re going to serve us by becoming a sissy little piece of furniture. Just a girly object for us to use.