Miss Jasmine – Maids Revenge Club Stiletto

Housemaid Jasmine has uncovered some secrets on her bosses computer. His porn collection alone tells her he is longing to submit to her. She tells him what she has found and threatens to tell his wife unless he submits to her and oh he’ll also do the house work while she relaxes from now on. He agrees with a mix of angst and arousal. She secures him to a portable discipline bench that she keeps in her car for occasions just like this. Now he is helpless and about to find out how cruel she can be. She starts with her bare hand to warm him up. Her employer gets a noticeable erection from the spanking, so Jasmine grabs a paddle and doesn’t hold back, the warmup is over. His butt cheeks are soon nice and red and he’s moaning in pain already. Jasmine warns him that if he whines too much, she’ll have a word with his wife. Otherwise will she even notice his discomfort when he sits down for the next several days?

Again Jasmine reminds him that he will continue to pay her but he will be doing the housework from now on. In fact she tells him she wants a raise. The ‘boss’ is now really suffering under Jasmine’s cropping, and welts start to appear when she uses a thin, solid wood paddle. His behind is red and on fire but the knowledge that Jasmine could tell his wife about his pervy ways motivates him to continue taking the punishment. Now ‘the man of the house’ has cum dripping from his dick. Jasmine tells him he will be licking that up after his beating. The poor guy just moans and groans in defeat and in anticipation of what is still to come. After switching to a harder crop and actually breaking his flesh, Jasmine switches to a crop. She wails at his ass, harder, harder, harder, with no concern for his well being. His ass is raw and then Jasmine tells him she regrets letting him go but doesn’t want his wife to come home and find a dirty house. It’s time for him to get up and get to work and Jasmine could really use a nice glass of wine.