Miss Grace – Venom A Tormented Mind Mindcontrol

Venom is one of my most corrupt files I’ve ever created!! Sure, it looks evil, evil for you mind as I take control of your body injecting you with my sweet poison, inflicting a never ending torment on your mind, on your existence, Venom, she can come at any time, flooding your mind with explicit thoughts, making you rock hard when you least expect it, teasing you to the edge then denying you release, because why would she when she has so much of your mind to explore? The ins and outs of your soul, she takes it, bends it and moulds you in to a perfect servant, her forever servant. Venom leaving you permanently weak and helpless, your desire stronger than ever for her sweet poison. Let her take deep control of your mind, deeper and deeper you fall down the rabbit hole, forever bound my slave, VENOM IS HERE TO STAY, forever a tormented mind forever denied. Deliciously and deviantly edited for the most powerful and poisonous effect possible This file WILL make you drowsy, after listening to the file please do not drive, relax for the rest of the day!!