Miss Grace – The Puppeteer: The Chamber Mindmelt

Welcome back my programmed puppet, I take it my last file totally mins washed you in to a complete submissive state? Did it?

YES You’re looking at my second masterpiece alongside The Puppeteer – Reconfiguration, before this file you must watch The Puppeteer: Reconfiguration (Link below) for this to have the most powerful effect possible.

The Puppeteer: Reconfiguration Conditioning Mind Control File: torrents.php?id=119830
Deep mindfucking once again, but this time the impact will be extreme and more powerful than before with this extra add on. Using my genuine mind control techniques, controlling every aspect of your existence, every inch of your being, I am going to arouse your senses, awaken the real puppet inside you..pulling on your strings, whispering in you ears..lustfully seducing your every weakness to my advantage, the superior position I have over so apparent now, it is stronger than ever! For all my fans and followers