Miss Grace – Mindgame Experiments

Just a little game, Just a little experiment, Mindgames is where the real mindfuck begins…something so simple but yet so affective. I’ve always been so interesting in one of my methods I used years ago, I remember saying the trigger and he dropped to the floor like a rock…it scared me a little to know how powerful I could be…I could make a full grown man drop to the floor in an instant, I think that’s where my love of domination came from….now I have a army of weak men…desperate to let my voice control their minds, desperate to know what it feels like in genuine T***ce to be controlled but in the most pleasant way possible. The outcome of this file is an experiment… I’d like the subjects who listen to this file to report back to me, but, please do NOT stand during this file, please remain as seated as possible..only listen to my commands during this file. it is safe to do so. This file will make you drowsy, please do not drive after listening to this file Now RELAX AND ENJOY!