Miss Amelia – Beta Loser Chronic Masturbator Mockery

You really are the biggest beta loser, chronic masturbator of all times! Already pumping like crazy, all cross-eyed and drooling like an idiot. Can you be even more pathetic than that? I bet you can, stupidity has no limits! You’re going to open up some pictures of your ex-girlfriend (who probably broke up with you almost a decade ago and forgot about your existence) and stroke while you imagine her being fucked by other real men. Never you. You know how much of an idiot you are and that you could never satisfy her because you’re a fucking disgrace and a shame for your male species.

You’re just a hand humper, never actually fucking a woman, you just hump your cock like a desperate fucktard imagining your ex-girlfriend being fucked by real men. Never you. Even if you’d have the chance to fuck her, you would still choose to sit and watch how she is being fucked by other guys, instead of fucking her yourself, that much of a compulsive masturbator you are!

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You really, really are a dumb fuck! You are completely clueless with women, such a creepy incel, and your life is literally centered around pumping that cock to your ex-girlfriend’s pictures! You’re so far gone that you deserve an academic degree in being stupid, pathetic and a chronic masturbator. The only thing you’re educated in is pumping your cock like crazy.