Miss Alika White – Debt Contract Sign Up

Debt Contract Sign Up
You owe me money. Why? Because I just decided. That means you’re going to have a debt to me hanging over your head. I want you to really feel the control I have over your life. I want you thinking about what you’ll have to sacrifice to afford to pay your debts to me on time.

Don’t worry, I’ll be “fair”. I’ll make sure it’s an amount you can afford, you might just have to make some cut backs in your spending.

Watch this video, then send me an email with answers to the questions I ask. Based on your answers, I’ll message you back with how much you owe me, your rate of interest, penalties for late payments and how long you have to make the payments for.

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The video also tells you about some extra terms and conditions of your contract which I think you’ll find… interesting.